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Welcome to The Designest, a design blog founded by creative experts who have been big design things for over seven years. In 2019 we realized we’d accumulated lots of knowledge and experience to share with the creative community. So here we are, with a blog made by professionals for professionals.

In our blog, we aim to share helpful content for everyone working in the design industry: graphic designers, web and app designers, illustrators, product creators, students, and creative newbies. We post product selections, reviews, freebies, and helpful articles to ease their workflow and provide them with all the necessary tools. Therefore, our readers are interested in various deals and relevant promos, as well as design and creativity-related tools and services. Most of our readers are from the United States and the European Union.

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The newsletter is sent weekly to 70 000 email subscribers. It is a great way to speak your message directly to The Designest audience and get an active response from the email subscribers. For every newsletter, we make a custom design to help you bring and highlight all your product or service features in the most effective way.

Weekly Digest Feature

In the weekly email, digest sent every Monday, we share all the publications made on the previous week. This newsletter is very popular with our audience who want to get all the updates in one place. With an increased open rate, it makes more people see your ad. In this digest, you’ll get a single spot placed second from the top. Our creative team will assist you with making graphics for it or writing a compelling copy, title or CTA.

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If you want to present your project, service, or app in detail or obtain a backlink, we suggest publishing a sponsored post at The Designest. We are always open to your content ideas and willing to help if you are unsure how to make a convincing post: we can assist with writing the text if necessary and create custom graphics to make the post a natural part of our blog. Along with being featured on the website, your article will be featured in the nearest weekly digest.